This BARD Material concrete mixer hauled 4,000 cubic yards of concrete in a year., with $1 per cubic yard of concrete donated to veterans’ groups.

Two area American Legion posts will have some new items at their posts thanks to the generosity of BARD Materials.

Manchester American Legion Post 45 received $3,500 for new tables and chairs, while Farley American Legion Post 656 received $535 for a new bugle.

Jenni Ostwinkle Silva, Communications and Education Director for BARD Materials, explained the project. “We outfitted one or our concrete trucks with a digital camo print and wrapped the truck in that. We decided $1 for every cubic yard of concrete delivered with that truck would be donated to area veterans’ groups.”

Area veterans’ groups submitted an application to BARD Materials and the service veterans who work for the company voted for the recipients.

“This is the first year we’ve done something like this,” Ostwinkle Silva explained. “We’ve always valued giving back to our communities, but we really wanted to focus on veterans this year. It’s been a great program for us.”

According to Ostwinkle Silva, the company’s core purpose of “Transforming materials responsibly to build better lives, communities and country” ties in with the donations.

“We want to be involved in the communities we live and work in. We take that seriously.”

She said the program is a way to say thank you. “Veterans are a group that have given us so much. We wanted to give back to them.” Ostwinkle Silva said the company has over 20 service veterans working for them.

“I’m glad our BARD veterans had the opportunity to vote on the winners. It was great talking with the winners. You could see the value they will get out of these funds.”

She continued, “BARD Materials is really happy for the organizations we were able to donate to and we are excited to see where this program goes in the future.”