A chance to see a dairy operation up close and personal brought hundreds of people to the Tim and Joan Goedken farm near Hopkinton June 8 for Breakfast on the Farm.

The agriculture committee of the Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce helped organize the event as a way to spread awareness as to where dairy products come from, and the amount of labor it entails.

The free event let spectators view a milking demonstration, see the Goedkens’ operation first-hand and enjoy a breakfast of pancakes and sausage.

Event organizers planned to feed 400 people, but quickly surpassed that number mid-way through the morning.

Erin Rave attended the event with her husband and children, as well as with several cousins. The Monticello resident gave the event high praise.

“Our kids were excited to see the cows get milked and to go on the hayride and have breakfast.” Rave, who grew up in town, said the event was a great way for her children to see farm life. “My husband was on a farm a lot when he was younger. He wanted the kids to experience what he did growing up. I would recommend anyone come out to experience this. It was great for kids and for adults.”

For Tim Goedken, the event was a chance to educate those that attended. “We just want people to learn how a farm works, what a farm is really about. We wanted them to be able to come and see us and interact with us while we are milking.”

Goedken said close to 200 people walked through the milking demonstration. The Goedkens currently milk 130 cows.

“We had questions about what we feed the cows and how we care for them,” Goedken added. He also praised the dozens of volunteers that helped with the event.

“We had an awesome group to work with. The chamber did a great job and so did the dairy council. We had a lot of great volunteers who said they have answered a lot of questions about milk as well as about everything and anything related to the farm.”

Manchester Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jessica Pape said the day was a success. “For the first time doing this, we weren’t sure what kind of crowd to expect, but this is amazing. We are thrilled with the crowd.”

Pape said the event is a way to show support for agriculture. “I think it’s something we take for granted, where are products come from. This reminds people of the work that goes into it.”