Air Force member Elmer Link is being honored for his service with a banner hung in downtown Farley. Up to ten service members will be honored with the Military and Veteran Banner Program.

Though Memorial Day has come and gone, the honor we show for those who have served continues every day. In order to keep showing respect for those in the Armed Forces, the City of Farley and Scherrman-Peterson American Legion Post 656 are honoring military members with banners hung in the town of Farley.

Each banner is double-sided and full-color, and is custom made with information about the person honored. Banners display a photo of the service person along with their name, branch and dates of military service.

The first banner hung in Farley honors Elmer M. Link. Link was a Technical Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force from 1941-45. During his time in the Air Force, he completed 45 missions in a B-24 bomber. His son, Dick, decided to honor his father with a banner.

In order to qualify for the Military and Veteran Banner program, the honoree must be an active duty member, retired, or honorably discharged member of the U.S. Armed Forces who has, or did reside in Farley, resided in Farley and is now deceased, have a business based in Farley, or was a member of the American Legion Post 656.

Up to 10 service members will be honored on poles in Farley, and banners will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a limit of one banner per honoree, and one person per banner. The cost is $100.

Banners will be placed on decorative light poles on 1st Street North, by the Public Works Department for the weeks including Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veteran’s Day, weather permitting. Banners will be used for two years and returned to the applicant after removal after the second year.

The City of Farley will not be responsible for replacing banners that are stolen, damaged or destroyed due to sun, weather, age, vandalism or any act of nature, such as high winds.

To honor a loved one who has served or is serving in the Armed Forces, contact Farley City Hall or the Legion.