Todd Mullis

Todd Mullis appears during his bond hearing at the Delaware County Courthouse in Manchester April 16.

Judge grants change of venue for murder trial

District Court Judge Thomas Bitter has granted a request for a Manchester man accused of killing his wife to have his trial moved out of Delaware County. According to court documents filed July 19, Todd Michael Mullis’ trial will be held in Dubuque County Monday, Sept. 16. The trial was previously scheduled for Aug. 19.

In early June, Mullis’ attorneys requested a change of venue, citing what they believed would be prejudice within the jury pool in Delaware County due to the amount of media coverage of the alleged murder.

Mullis’ attorneys also stated that because Mullis has resided in Delaware County his entire life, and his wife, Amy Mullis, was employed at the local hospital and worked closely with law enforcement due to her position as a nurse in the emergency room, it would be difficult to find jurors without some sort of bias.