Police: Two arrested after shooting fireworks

A pair of intoxicated Dyersville men were arrested after a patrolling officer observed shots fired from what appeared to be a Roman candle near Joe’s Diner on 2nd Street NE May 11 at approximately 1:30 a.m.

According to court documents, the officer observed Joshua Curtis Bissell, 30, of Dyersville, and Sage Alan Domeyer, 23, of Dyersville, in the area the fireworks were emanating from. While speaking to Domeyer, the officer observed signs of intoxication, and when asked about the fireworks, Domeyer told the officer someone else was shooting them toward him. Domeyer said he knows who they were but “he ain’t no snitch,” documents state.

At this time, Bissell was standing in the alley near Joe’s Diner but refused to come talk to the officer, documents state. After several more attempts by the officer to get Bissell to talk, Bissell started yelling profanity and walked away, documents state, and was swaying back and forth while doing so.

A second officer arrived on scene to contact Bissell, who showed signs of intoxication and became agitated and again began yelling profanity, documents state.

Both were placed under arrest for public intoxication and taken to the Dubuque County jail for booking. Once at the jail, both refused a breath test, documents state. Both Domeyer and Bissell entered guilty pleas and were given credit for time served.