When Jennifer and David Berggren heard their son ask to build a farm display, they were rightly confused. Neither of them had any experience building the miniature models.

Lucas Berggren, 7, came up with the idea last year while watching Youtube.

“He just watched video after video after video,” said his mom, Jennifer. When she realized her son was serious about the craft, she decided to submit an application to participate in the Summer Farm Toy Show.

The then 6-year-old had the task of sketching out what he wanted his farm to look like. He took two pieces of printer paper and mapped out the locations for a log cabin, corn and hay fields, a pond and more.

After being accepted as a participant, Lucas got to work. According to his parents, he did all of the planning and most of the work in assembling the model. “We just helped with gluing and other minor things,” said Jennifer.

Walking by the display, it is hard to believe a 7-year-old built it. From the tiny log cabin with a Bronco in the driveway to tiny cattails and lily pads in a pond in the cow pasture, each section of the tiny farm was pieced together with incredible detail. From start to finish, the project took about six months.

When it comes to the tractors in his model, Lucas has a bit of a bias. His dad, David, and his family members owned John Deere dealerships for 40 years. He now works on watering systems, which is shown with a pivoting water system over Lucas’s wheat field.

Lucas and his family used a bit of creativity when deciding on materials for the display. If you look closely, the gravel in the driveway and around the tractor sheds is actually cat litter. The crops in the back of the tractors are corn muffin mix. Even the dirt in the wheat field, which Lucas wanted to be red like Georgia dirt, is reptile sand from a pet store.

In his free time, Jennifer said Lucas is an outdoorsy young boy. He enjoys hunting with his dad, and climbing on tractors. He also has a love for anything mechanical. “He likes to take things apart, and put them back together,” says his mom.

When he grows up, Lucas said he wants to be a game warden. “It’s like a police officer, and they help animals,” he said.

Dad David admits that the trip was mostly for his son. During the 16-hour drive from Moultrie, Ga., the family made stops in Moline, Ill., and Waterloo to see tractors.

The family is excited to pursue this new hobby. Lucas is already planning for next year, according to his mom. “Hopefully, this stuff will keep him out of trouble,” his dad added.