On Nov. 4, there was a story in the Dyersville Commercial written by A. Helle and J. Ehrlich on Beckman Catholic High School’s monthly school page. The title was “Getting to the core of Iowa Core.” I think they have been drinking the “kool-aid”. Their first statement is false.

The Common Core (Iowa Core) was not written by state leaders. The Common Core was developed by the Advisors Group in Washington D.C. Some of the people on the development committee include leftist, David Coleman, Susan Pimental, Jason Zimba, William McCallum and Phil Daro. Some of these people came from Chicago and are associates of Bill Ayers. The writers said some of the administrators from Beckman supported the Iowa Core. What you fail to realize is that the National Catholic Education Association abandoned their “responsibilities” in setting policy of Catholic Schools for 30 “ pieces of silver” from the Gates Foundation and gave the Catholic schools to the secular Common Core.

Common Core does not teach morals in science, social studies or history. There is no right or wrong in Common Core. It is a secular curriculum, which still allows religion class to be taught. Over Thanksgiving, I talked to a surgical doctor who spent time at Princeton University and she said they had a Jesuit environment on campus and Catholic was their foundation.

A couple of weeks ago, Kitty Werthmann had a presentation in Monticello telling how Hitler took control of the schools, the police and the churches one step at a time when she lived in Austria in the late 30s and the early 40s. She sees Common Core as one of the early steps to control the youth. If Common Core allows schools to set their own curriculum, why do schools teach ‘crazy’ math that parents don’t understand. This is what Common Core (Iowa Core) dictates.