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1st Omicron Case Confirmed in Delco.jpg

The first case of the omicron variant of COVID-19 in Delaware County has been confirmed. This variant spreads more easily than the original virus and nationally has become the dominant strain of COVID-19.

While having this confirmation is concerning due to how easily this variant spreads, it is important to note that the guidelines are the same for all COVID-19 variants. COVID-19 vaccines remain the best tool to help protect people from COVID-19, slow transmission, and reduce the chance of new variants emerging. Get vaccinated against COVID-19. If you’re fully vaccinated, get a booster when you are eligible. If you are ill, stay home. Cover your coughs and wash your hands frequently. Wear a mask when indoors as the entire state of Iowa has a high level of COVID-19 transmission at this time.

“COVID-19 vaccines are working well to protect against severe illness, hospitalizations, and death,” said Krystle DeShaw, Delaware County Public Health supervisor. “We urge you to please get vaccinated if you haven’t. If you’re fully vaccinated, get a booster when you are eligible.”

Vaccines are readily available in the community. Visit to find vaccine resources and eligibility information. If you have questions, please contact your healthcare provider, Regional Family Health at 563-927-7777, or Delaware County Public Health at 563-927-7551.