Early this month, a survey was sent to students and staff asking about their New Year’s resolutions.

Some student resolutions include: selfcare, working on being a better person, reaching goals in sports, gaining new friends and improving academic performances. However, 57 percent of students didn’t make New Year’s resolutions. According to our survey, seniors were looking forward to what 2021 has in store for them: 79 percent plan on continuing their education, 17 percent plan to go into the workforce and the remaining four percent plan on serving our country in the military.

The staff said they’re looking forward to laughing with students, watching them grow, finishing out the school year in person and becoming better teachers. Some are yearning for time away from technology so they can have more creative interactions with their students. While this year has been complicated due to COVID challenges, staff at Beckman are doing their best. The students, teachers and administrators are excited for the new year and what it may bring.