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Authorities today learned that four more Dubuque County Jail inmates tested positive for COVID-19.

A total of 29 inmates now have the coronavirus -- one whose result came back on Friday and 24 who were diagnosed Tuesday.

The Dubuque County Sheriff's Department obtained samples from all inmates and staff Friday, Saturday and Monday after the department was notified on Friday that a jail inmate awaiting transport to Iowa Medical Classification Center in Coralville had tested positive for COVID-19.

On Tuesday, the department reported 24 samples -- all from inmates -- had tested positive for the virus. On Wednesday, Kennedy said the department was notified that an additional four samples tested positive.

No jail staff have tested positive from the samples taken due to the recent outbreak, Kennedy said. But two jail staff members tested positive a few weeks ago, Kennedy told the Telegraph Herald.

"We believe all the tests have been run and results obtained (from the State Hygienic Lab)," Kennedy told the TH, though he said the state lab would not confirm that this morning.

All inmates who have tested positive for the virus have been placed in medical segregation inside the jail and are being tended to by jail nursing staff, Kennedy said.

"All staff and inmates are wearing face masks and shields," he said. "The inmates can only take them off when in their bunks. Staff must wear their masks and face shields at all times."

As of this morning, 99 inmates were being held in the county jail. Of those, 68 were being held on felony charges, Kennedy said.