From left, Joel Null, Jacob Feldmann, Marcel Kielkucki, Staci Speer, Larry Wilson and Carol Olberding celebrate two hefty donations to Beckman Catholic and Western Dubuque High School in the Textile Brewing Company taproom.

More than four centuries have passed since the immortal playwright William Shakespeare asked: “what’s in a name?” While scholars and the well-read intellectuals of the world continue to opine on the deeper philosophical interpretation of the question, the owners of Textile Brewing Company in Dyersville believe they have found the answer.

Back when Textile was still just a dream being brewed up in Tom and Carol Olberding’s basement, the couple decided they wanted to create one beer with two names. But this decision wasn’t for lack of creativity, instead, it was a clever beginning to what they hope will be a life-long charitable effort.

“It was just like trying to name a kid,” Carol said of what would eventually become their most popular beer. “My husband came up with the TrALEblazer, and the conversation just organically moved to ‘what about the Bobcats?’”

The goal was to create a bit of friendly competition between the two schools — with every sale of the light ale, brewery patrons can choose to have a portion of the profits go to either Beckman Catholic High School or Western Dubuque High School.

As a teacher, Carol said she loves the idea of being about to use their passion for brewing as a vehicle to give back to education.

“I know what it means to have extra money to do things,” Carol said. “So, I said why don’t we give 10% of the profits to schools? And he liked it.”

Now that the dust has settled on what has been the taproom’s busy five months of operation, Textile was more than pleased to cut a check to Beckman for $1,670 and WD, $630.

“Our bookkeeper did the numbers and we were just really happy with how much was generated,” Carol said.

Looking forward, Carol said she is extremely excited to see what the summer generates, especially with Major League Baseball coming to town, and what that money can do to help local students.

Western Dubuque High School Principal Jacob Feldmann said the funds will help offset the transportation costs for WD’s Bobcat Service Day, which are estimated to run around $3,500.

“Receiving any money to help offset the costs of the WD Service Day is tremendous. We couldn’t give our students these great experiences if it wasn’t for the generosity of our community,” Feldmann said. “It is great to have local support, like Textile, to show the entire community that we are a unified district trying to support one another.”

At Beckman, Principal Marcel Kielkucki said the exact use is still to be determined by the band and choir directors, but the money will be spent in the music department.

“We are extremely appreciative of Textile’s generosity as well as that of the larger community as we are very blessed with tremendous community support,” Kielkucki said. “The fact that Tom and Carol established this idea at the onset of the brewery with the idea of this being an ongoing contribution is something we truly appreciate and know it will benefit us for years to come.”