What are the names of these pieces? “Queen of Swords” and “Your Heart in Flowers”

How long did each take you to create? About 20 days for both

What materials did you use to create these pieces? For “Queen of Swords,” gouache, watercolors and watercolor paper; for “Your Heart in Flowers,” acrylic paint on wood

What inspired these pieces? Tarot cards and surrealism and the idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve

What is your favorite subject to draw/paint/ (as in landscapes, people, nature, etc.)? People and nature. I like to incorporate surrealism or sayings into my pieces to make people think a little bit deeper about what the painting is as a whole.

What are your favorite mediums to work in? Why? Acrylic because it dried fast, is opaque and is very versatile. I also like to work digitally.

Who is your favorite artist? Why? @AudraAuclair on Instagram. I love how she incorporates a beautiful and oftentimes bright color palette into surrealist themes.

Do you want to pursue art in any way after you graduate? I would love to pursue an art-related field after high school. My dream is to work on or create video games, so if I could find a field that incorporated both computer science and art, that would be amazing.