Owners of agricultural and multi-residential properties in Dubuque County will see adjustments to their 2021 assessed values after the Iowa Department of Revenue (IDR) issued Equalization Orders to both the county and the city of Dubuque. Agricultural property values will lower by 7% in the county and 10% inside the city of Dubuque. Areas outside of the city of Dubuque will see assessed values for multi-residential properties including apartments and mobile home parks increase by 12% due to very strong sales numbers. The city of Dubuque will not see any increase to values related to these orders.

In odd-numbered years, the IDR reviews if assessors are sufficiently valuing properties to ensure equity across county lines. Dubuque County received an initial Equalization Order to increase multi-residential properties — apartments, mobile home parks, and care facilities--by 23%. After reviewing data used to make that determination, along with sales since the first of the year, Dubuque County and the IDR came to an agreement that care facilities did not require additional value but that other properties in the class were under-assessed, relative to sales. The final verdict was a 9% increase in value for the entire class, implemented as a 12% increase to non-care facility properties in the class.

Agriculturally classed properties will have their 2021 assessed values lowered after incorrect estimations of late-arriving data from the USDA led to most counties in Iowa over-assessing agricultural parcels. Both the Dubuque City Assessor and County Assessor will be applying decreases to land values in order to meet mandated value changes.

Owners with increases to their 2021 Assessments will receive letters with their updated values along with info about appealing the increase in value. Appeal forms can be obtained online at the IDR’s website or by contacting the Dubuque County Assessor’s Office directly. Written appeals may be submitted beginning Oct. 9 and must be returned no later than Nov. 4.