Despite being a topic that spent hours in deliberation and divided many constituents into two distinct camps, an ordinance allowing ATVs to use Dyersville streets passed with little fanfare Monday night.

Mayor Jim Heavens, along with the Dyersville City Council, said they haven’t heard anything for or against the measure in the last couple of weeks, marking a sharp contrast from previous discussions.

“I don’t think opinions have changed, I just haven’t had anyone contact me to make a case about the ordinance or resolution in the last couple of weeks,” Heavens said.

During the third and final public hearing on the once-controversial ordinance, no one from the public offered comment during the Zoom meeting.

A full copy of the ordinance, which starts on page 8B and continues on 9B of this edition of the Dyersville Commercial, passed by a vote of 3-to-1, with Councilman Mike English voting against and Councilman Tom Westhoff absent.

When passing the resolution, which lays out the dates and times ATVs can actually be utilized, City Administrator Mick Michel again explained to the council that by using a resolution as the mechanism to set the dates, it can easily be changed at the council’s discretion without holding a public hearing.

The resolution lays out the six weekend-sessions ATV can be used, all from sunrise of the first date to sunset of the second: A) June 11 to June 13, B) June 25 to June 27, C) July 9 to July 11, D) July 30 to Aug. 1, E) Aug. 27 to Aug. 29 and F) Sept. 24 to Sept. 26.

English, who has been a vocal opponent of the ordinance from the beginning, asked Michel if the council could in effect eliminate sessions, functionally ending the ability of people to use ATVs if it feels like the rules aren’t being followed after the first few weekends.

“If this council says we don’t want weekends C, D, E or F, we can do that, right?” English asked.

“Absolutely, if there are three votes to amend this resolution or enact a new resolution to cancel this resolution,” Michel responded. “Or, the council could do the opposite and add more dates if they so choose.”

The resolution passed by a vote of 3-to-1, with English again voting against.