Moises G. Suarez

Moises G. Suarez

A Dubuque County man was arrested early Nov. 12 on a charge of raping a woman he knew.

Moises G. Suarez, 37, of Farley, was arrested at about 2:55 a.m. Nov. 12 on charges of third-degree sexual abuse-forcible rape and interference with official acts. He had a preliminary hearing Nov. 12 in Iowa District Court of Dubuque County, and his next court hearing is set for Nov. 21.

Court documents state that the sexual assault occurred the night of Nov. 11 at a residence in Farley. Documents state that Suarez lied to lure a woman into a room, locked the door and raped her.

Suarez told investigators that he had sex with the woman after she propositioned him, but denied forcing her, according to documents.

Law enforcement reported that Suarez resisted while he was being arrested and intentionally hit his head on multiple objects while yelling that officers were trying to hurt him.