Brandon Hogan, a Western Dubuque High School alum, started Bar Raising Fitness out of his garage Oct. 1, 2018. Recently, he announced that he will open a second location — a 3,000-square-foot facility located at 775 6th St. NW in Dyersville.

Hogan graduated in 2015 from Western Dubuque, and went to Iowa Western Community College where he majored in business management while playing football. After transferring to Northwestern Oklahoma State University his sophomore year, he suffered an injury.

He quit school the following year and went to work in Dubuque. He quit his full-time job in November 2018, and started focusing more on his gym, and opened a full-service training center in the Kennedy Mall in Dubuque.

“I always knew I was going to start up a business someday,” Hogan said. “I started training a few friends while I did my weightlifting workouts and started to research and educate myself more on the body and proper workout programming.”

Shortly after Hogan started Bar Raising Fitness, he lined up partnerships with the Farley Sports Facility and the previous Dyersville Anytime Fitness, where he trained as a freelancer. In December 2018, he opened an athlete and fitness training facility inside Gold Standard Athletics at the Kennedy Mall.

“I took the opportunity and opened up March 17, 2019,” Hogan said. “A little over one year after, I received another opportunity to open a second facility in Dyersville.”

Both the Dubuque and Dyersville facilities are athlete and fitness training focused. They offer one-on-one, small group and team training, as well as workout programs for individuals to do on their own. Memberships for those who are committed to bettering themselves will also be available.

“We are different because we stick to only free weights like barbells, dumbbells and functional fitness equipment,” Hogan said. “The facility has a large open turf section, weightlifting section and a cardio and stretching room.”

Their training and programs are individualized for each client based on their body and goals. This facility will also be open for other trainers and teams to use the space.

“Having a facility in both Dubuque and Dyersville will offer a greater number of people the opportunity to train at a result-driven facility,” he said.

The Dyersville location’s grand opening is yet to be decided.