Farmers across the world fuel the people who live in it. Not often enough, these hard-working men and women are recognized for the service they provide. October recognizes a group of these farmers as it is National Pork Month in the United States. This gives those families who raise these animals the recognition they deserve.

Most farms started with a family and were passed down through generations. Organizations like the Future Farmers of America (FFA) help prepare the younger groups of prospective farmers for taking over their family farms one day.

Ron and Angie Borgerding own one of these pork producing farms outside of Holy Cross, and have a 15-year-old son, Lucas, currently in his sophomore year in FFA at Beckman.

“I joined the FFA because I have always had an interest in agriculture and wanted to learn more about it,” Borgerding said.

Growing up on a farm is often hard work, but there are benefits to living in the country with wide-open land.

“I like living on a farm because I have a lot of space to have fun,” Borgerding said, “and working on the farm I get to learn new skills and how to work hard.”

FFA, 4-H and other organizations are important for the agriculture community. They help teach and prepare the younger generations. Borgerding likes how it offers a different opportunity to those who may not have access to some information.

“I think it is important for these groups to exist so that people who do not have many chances to learn about ag and do ag activities can have a chance to do those kinds of things,” Borgerding said.

With the majority of farms in the area being passed down through family lineage, Borgerding wants his future to be just like that as well.

“I hope that my brother (Landen) and I can take over the farm and expand it into something bigger,” Borgerding said.

It is estimated that roughly 77 million hogs and pigs are on farms in the United States in 2020. It takes a large group of farmers to provide for these animals’ needs, and October is the month to appreciate those hard workers that do so.