A 1994 Beckman High School graduate is returning to Dyersville to fill the role of assistant principal at the school. Steven Lueck grew up on a dairy farm in the western part of Dubuque County before attending Loras College and filling some educational roles in western Iowa and Kansas City.

Following college, he lived and worked as a teacher in Kansas City. Lueck then moved back to Iowa where he was the principal at St. Mary’s High School in western Iowa. Three years ago, he and his family moved to Petersburg to serve as the assistant principal at Oelwein High School.

“I was looking for something closer to home,” Lueck said. “I have a long background of being around Catholic schools, so I wanted to get back to that. Plus, I want to be a bigger part of the community.”

His tie to the Catholic religion intrigued him enough to pursue this opening. All of his schooling has come through Catholic institutions, so this position was a good fit.

Lueck’s main focus while at Oewlein was activities and discipline. He will assist with curriculum and discipline at Beckman and mentor student government.

“I look forward to using my experiences and growing myself even further while in this position,” Lueck said. “Working with the teachers is also something I’m excited about.”

While he was a student at Beckman, he was involved with wrestling, football, music and plays. He said there is a chance that he will get involved as a coach at some point.

The current COVID-19 situation in the country has thrown a knot into what the next school year will look like, but Lueck likes what he has seen from Beckman.

“Beckman has a good plan for Return to Learn this fall,” Lueck said. “We are ahead of the curve. If there is an outbreak, all of the classes will be ready to be held online. The most important thing is student and staff safety.”

These plans can vary depending on the circumstances. Beckman is set to start its school year Aug. 20.