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Beyond the Game, an Iowa baseball experience originally created to celebrate the Major League Baseball game at the Field of Dreams Movie Site, has been canceled for August 2020 due to concerns over COVID-19.

The committee planning the event, made up of area leaders from the City of Dyersville, Dyersville Economic Development Corporation, Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce, Travel Iowa, and Travel Dubuque, have ultimately decided to cancel for the health and well-being of the public, volunteers, and contributors of the event.

“This decision was not made lightly. We realize the announcement of the MLB’s shortened season and the Aug. 13 game being on that schedule reinvigorated the buzz around Dyersville and the area during that August time frame. We still look forward to this excitement, however we felt it was our responsibility to cancel Beyond the Game due to the uncertainty of the public health crisis taking place across the country,” said Mick Michel, city administrator for the City of Dyersville.

People are still invited to explore the “If You Build It Exhibit” dedicated to the making of the movie that put Dyersville on a worldwide stage. The exhibit, located in Dyersville, will be open to the public in the summer of 2020 with specifics on dates and safety precautions yet to be announced.