When opened up, shoppers will be able to visit WillowWinn’s location in Farley.

WillowWinn Boutique opened in Farley last November. Business was moving along as usual until COVID-19 shut down businesses midway through March. Online sales were still allowed, but having nobody come in their front doors could be damaging to their bottom line.

Lindsay Ahmann is the owner of WillowWinn Boutique, and admittedly, she is a little worried about owning a business right now.

“It is really scary being a small business owner during a time like this,” she said. “Our boutique was supposed to open to the public back in April and due to COVID-19, our open date just continues to get pushed back further. It’s a world of unknown right now, but we are doing our best to stay positive and keep our heads up.”

Originally from a small town in Illinois, Ahmann moved to Farley in 2005 after she met her husband. They live on an acreage outside of town with their two dogs, Willow and Winnie — the business’s namesakes.

Ahmann worked as a cosmetologist right after she finished high school, and transitioned to retail in 2019.

“We started as an online boutique, Nov. 1, 2019,” Ahmann said. “Since then, we have grown enough to open up a shop.”

WillowWinn offers unique, affordable clothing for all ages. Ahmann said that, thanks to their loyal customers, she has been able to keep the shop running.

“We will open up as soon as we can when this is over, and take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and our customers safe,” she said. “That way those that have been patiently waiting to come shop our boutique can come, and if others want to wait it out until they are comfortable, they can still shop through our website.”

Supporting small, local businesses during this pandemic will help keep them operational. When the shutdown is over, it may take some businesses a while to recover.

“It is a very scary time to be a small business owner,” Ahmann said, “but now, more than ever, we need to stand together as the strong, small community we all know we can be.”

She added that every purchase, no matter the size, can make a difference.

Even if funds are tight at the moment for people, there are other ways you can support these small businesses.

“We just ask that you please share and like our posts on Facebook and tell your friends about us,” Ahmann said. “There are many other ways to support a business without spending a dime.”

WillowWinn Boutique is located at 7477 Wieferich Road, Farley.