Christmas fans flocked to the Holy Cross area Dec. 1 to get into the spirit of the season on the Tour of Homes. Four different groups of 20 people spent 45 minutes at each of four different decorated houses. Each house had a featured drink along with hors d’oevers. Tickets were sold to raise money for the church in Holy Cross.

Dan and Joan Wilwert, John and Barb Taylor, Jim and Mary Pfeiler, and Jim and Penny Wulfekuhle all opened up their homes for the event. Tickets were being sold over the last couple of months, with nearly 80 being sold.

“Our parish has not done this before,” Brian Maiers, one of the organizers, said. “It’s a first. We copied the idea from Bankston and got much of the information from them. It’s more of a social.”

Funds raised are going toward purchasing new furnaces for the church. The current furnaces are around 35 years old and parts are no longer available for repairs. The costs estimated to replace the old furnaces are around $30,000.

The proceeds from the Holy Cross Days Auction in August also went to help the church with the expenses.

“This fundraiser is a great way to meet new people,” Maiers said. “You always see these people, but if you don’t meet them, you will never know them.”

Maiers believes that getting involved in events like this helps bring people together as a community.

“Just get involved and meet people,” he said. “You will not be part of a community until you get involved.”