A new system that promises to cause fewer headaches for both board members and volunteers has just been announced by Dyersville Commercial Club Park Board.

Dubbed Friends of the Commercial Club Park, the new initiative will help to streamline the process of lining up and contacting volunteers for various events.

“Over the past few years, our board has tossed around how they could encourage or promote volunteers to help at the park during events,” Commercial Club Park Manager Ashley Cosselman said. “We’ve always had a volunteers list, but it really wasn’t official — having a larger pool of people we can reach out to very easily will definitely make things easier.”

Previously, Cosselman said efforts to organize help lacked structure, as some volunteers were contacted by board members through various means of communication or they just heard about it via word of mouth.

Under the new system, volunteers will be contacted through their preferred means for whatever event they would like to lend a hand, an idea that was actually pitched by the volunteers themselves.

Cosselman said volunteers won’t be bombarded with constant emails or texts, but communication will be more consistent and efficient under the new system.

“So, if you sign up for text messages or emails or a phone call, it’s a little more streamlined,” she said of the new initiative. “We’re not asking for monetary donations from people — we’re simply asking for their time. And this isn’t just for clean-ups, it’s for other events coming up, whether it’s MLB or the Whitehawks Tournament or July 3.”

With board members leading active lives themselves, Cosselman said it was becoming difficult to organize volunteers, especially when the unofficial list board members were working off wasn’t necessarily up-to-date.

“We have struggled over the past few years to find new volunteers to take the places of those who are no longer able to help or to help alleviate some of the work our board members are tasked with, running such a huge event center and park,” Cosselman said.

Volunteers can sign up by filling out the form online at the commercialclubpark.com (a link will also be on their Facebook page), by emailing a board member or for the less tech-savvy, simply call a board member and they will get things set up for you.