Dyersville-area residents who are looking to de-clutter by getting rid of some gently used merchandise will soon have an option that will not only help them empty their shelves but perhaps fill their pockets.

The Never Know Shoppe — a new upscale retail consignment store owned by Dyersville resident Julie Heiderscheit — will open Monday, Oct. 28.

Heiderscheit said her shop, located at 613½ 16th Avenue SE in the Stone Creek Plaza Shopping Center, is not competition for any of the thrift stores in the area that provide community outreach. Rather, she will carry items that people first want to try to sell, before making any decisions to allow it to be donated. In the event a consigned item does not sell in the agreed-upon time, it could very well be donated to one of the aforementioned stores.

Consignment stores work much differently than most thrift stores, which thrive on donations.

“With the consignment option, it’s more of a collaboration,” Heiderscheit explained. “I want to really work with people to focus on high-end, seasonal trends.”

She said she sets the price of the consigned items with the seller so it’s a mutual agreement. “They know up front what we’re going to price the merchandise at, they know upfront what their percentage is,” said Heiderscheit.

The items are advertised at full price for 60 days, and if they don’t sell, are marked down to 50% in the next 30 days. If the items have still not sold, they can be further marked-down, picked up by the seller or donated.

Heiderscheit said her business will also provide a needed service that had been unavailable in the immediate area. “When it comes to prom season, there’s no place in the area that high school students or recent graduates can take their prom dresses to resell them. Either they have to do an online marketplace or have someone come to their home, which may not be comfortable for them.”

While many of the items on her shelves and walls will vary with the seasons, Heiderscheit said she will also carry items like record albums, Legos and limited candy items that can be used to make gift baskets.

The decision to open a consignment shop was just the next logical step Heiderscheit has been on for some time. “I have been dabbling in a display case at the (Plaza) antique mall for the past year. It was a lot of fun rehoming things.”

She also has eight-and-a-half years of experience in various aspects of retail, to go with a Master’s in business administration. Couple that with Heiderscheit living in Dubuque County the past 17 years, and it should be safe to say she knows her market. As for the name of her business venture, it has several possible meanings. “Everything evolves and changes,” she said. “You never know what might happen in your life, and you never know what you might find. You never know what ideas you might have and you never know what you may have around your house that you could turn into money.”

The Never Know Shoppe will be open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday. For more information or to make an appointment, call 563-543-7913.