After losing nearly half a dozen officers over the course of six months due to higher compensation being offered at neighboring departments, the Dyersville City Council’s bid to attract and hopefully retain new police officers through a significant wage increase seems to have paid off.

According to Dyersville Police Chief Brent Schroeder, the department received approximately 15 applicants after posting notices for two open positions following the council’s decision to beef-up the pay scale. Out of those prospects, Schroeder said he believes Dyersville has enticed what he considers to be the cream of the crop.

“I’m confident that we’ve picked the two best candidates in the area,” Schroeder said. “And not just out of the ones that applied, but in the area, period.”

On Feb. 3, the council unanimously approved the hiring of Matt Tauke and David Trumblee, both from the Manchester Police Department, for $31.50 per hour.

According to a pair of recommendation letters from Schroeder, Tauke has an associate degree from Hawkeye Community College and a bachelor’s degree in criminology from the University of Northern Iowa, on top of graduating from the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy with special honors.

Schroeder further states Tauke has eight years of experience under his belt, as well as the completion of several specialized courses during his career.

As for Trumblee, he graduated from Mount Mercy College with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and has been a certified officer for over eight years.

Trumblee is also a nationally certified K9 handler, clandestine lab officer and investigator and has obtained several drug interdiction, interview and interrogation certifications.

Schroeder said Tauke and Trumblee will be giving proper notice to the Manchester P.D. and he expects both to be in Dyersville uniforms by the end of the month.

Schroeder said following the dissolution of the Dyersville Police Department’s union, there currently is no residency requirement tied to employment, but that is something the council will be examining in the future.

Both Tauke and Trumblee currently live in Manchester, Schroeder said.