The Dyersville City Council has released a document outlining a host of prior accomplishments and a road map for future projects and priorities in the years to come.

While not binding, City Administrator Mick Michel said the latest goal-setting sessions will help staff prioritize working toward some of these goals.

During an early-January goal-setting session, the mayor and council reviewed potential projects and initiatives and ranked four top priorities for consideration for the upcoming 24-month period: first, facilitate the paving of the Heritage Trail; second, reconstruct 16th Avenue SE at the shopping mall and tied for third, adding a splash pad and other toddler opportunities at the Aquatic Center and additional/improved lighting at Westside Park.

Michel said the city has completed over 60 projects in the last two years, and there are still some goals from prior years that are in the process of being completed.

For the council’s list of 18 ongoing commitments and priorities, Michel said those projects are already looking for funding and are in various stages of being complete. This list includes projects like the 12th/13th Avenue bridge, X49 road improvements and roundabout, the annexation study and the pedestrian/bike bridge between Candy Cane and Westside Park, to name a few.

Councilman Mike English also commented it was important to keep in mind that these lists serve as a flexible blueprint and each individual project still needs to come before the council for additional approval.

Mayor Jim Heavens said the complete goal-setting document is available for viewing on the city’s website and he encourages all citizens to take a look.