Stray dogs and cats found in Dubuque County may soon all be brought to Dyersville’s no-kill shelter, if Whispurring Hope founders Vicky Ruefer and April Hoskins enter into an agreement with the county supervisors.

Ruefer and Hoskins met with the supervisors May 11, to discuss their wish to take over animal control duties for the county.

“I suggested (Whispurring Hope) go pick up most of the animals,” Ruefer said.

If the shelter handled the majority of animals, it would free up time for the Dubuque County Sheriff’s Office. Their help would still be needed on occasion.

“Some of the animals that I can’t control, they can control better,” Ruefer said.

She added that the arrangement would be better for the emotional welfare of the animals. “You eliminate the middle man. It’s hard on the animal when you keep transferring it from person to person and kennel to kennel.”

Ruefer said her daughter April would handle calls in the western part of the county and her brother Mike would take the parts of the county Ruefer couldn’t cover.

The proposed agreement with the supervisors calls for Ruefer to receive a one-time lump sum of $15,000 for a year of service.

Should the agreement be reached, the sheriff’s department would only call Whispurring Hope on animals found in the county. Area towns have their own contracts or methods for dealing with loose animals.