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Small businesses have become vulnerable due to coronavirus. In the wake of a global pandemic, low-income families and seniors on fixed incomes are experiencing food insecurity and struggle with housing, child care and transportation costs. These needs will only increase in the days to come.

The Dyersville Area Community Foundation (DACF) board activated the Dyersville Area Community Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund last week.

As the community faces the effects of COVID-19, the fund will provide an opportunity for the public to give with the reassurance their donations will be used in their community. This will quickly move resources to where they are most needed, particularly toward needs not being met by existing non-profit, local, state and federal programs.

“We may not know what tomorrow will bring,” Board Chair Sheila Tegeler said, “but thanks to the support of our community we have the confidence that we stand ready to meet the challenge.”

The Foundation board is working with a grant committee led by Randy Ludwig and Elliot Salter. The committee will make awards that first address economic needs and the health impact on vulnerable populations caused by COVID-19-related closures and other impacts of the outbreak. The fund will direct dollars to those organizations on the front lines of serving vulnerable families.

Fund activation is an outcome of the Foundation board’s disaster preparedness planning and helps ensure a strategic response for charitable giving during times of emergency. The board has pledged an immediate grant of $2,500 to start the fund. These funds are available thanks to the generosity of donors who have supported the Dyersville Area Community Foundation endowment.

“Though we may feel isolated during these uncertain times,” Tegeler said, “our community has proven time and time again that we are stronger together, and this collaborative spirit will once again prevail as we support our neighbors in need.”

To give to the fund, visit

In addition, checks made out to Dyersville Area Community Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund may be dropped off at Fidelity Bank, MidWestOne, or Community Savings Bank drive-ups or mailed to DACF, 1100 16th Ave. Ct. SE, Dyersville, IA 52040.