Delhi-area residents may have grown accustomed to hearing loud booms of thunder during the latest spate of spring thunderstorms, but at least for May 30 the skies cleared and the booms heard were from cannon fire during the Decoration Day celebration at the Upper Bay Cemetery.

According to a program provided by the Upper Bay Cemetery Association, the event closely follows the original program and laying of flowers on the graves that was first conducted May 30, 1866.

The Civil War monument was dedicated last August in memory of 14 area men who died in the conflict.

In 1868, General John Logan, national commander of the GAR (predecessor of the American Legion) designated May 30 as Decoration Day — now officially called Memorial Day and celebrated on the last Monday in May.

The celebration began with members of the Ryan American Legion Post 692 presenting the colors, and included canon fire from the Sons of the Civil War Veterans, and the singing of patriotic songs from the time period.

The Rev. Merlyn Farrand from Manchester portrayed President Abraham Lincoln and delivered Lincoln’s famous “Gettysburg Address,” while also sharing more factual data concerning the speech.

The names of the 14 soldiers killed in battle were read aloud before a pair of bugles echoed “Taps” throughout the cemetery.