The Edgewood Locker has announced expansion plans.

Plans for an expansion to the Edgewood Locker will address an increase in demand for retail and wholesale products in addition to demands for custom processing services.

In a press release, the locker announced the purchase of two acres of land north of the current facility, calling the expansion plans “an investment in the future.”

The company is bringing in fill dirt to the area “so that we can begin construction of an additional connected facility in the next year or two. Now as we look to design this expanded facility, we will be able to optimize our square footage.”

The release said custom processing, wholesale meats and retail meets are the core to the locker’s long-term growth strategy.

In the release, officials cite the growth of wholesale meets as the need for expansion. The locker has recently added a delivery route with over 60 independent retail locations selling Edgewood Locker products.

The release said all available slots for custom processing are filled through February 2021 on beef and hogs. That is in addition to the deer processing the locker says “continues to be an important subsegment of custom processing as well.”

The locker believes a trend in retail meats will continue, with customers purchasing locally processed meat products by the package. In addition, according to the release, officials say they have seen “unprecedented demand from customers wanting to fill their freezers with locally raised quarters and halves of beef and half and whole hogs.” It said the locker has sold out of quarters, halves and whole animals through March 2021.

To focus on the three areas of growth, locker officials also announced the company will transition out of their catering business and will put their Edgewood Locker Event Center up for sale.

The move means the Edgewood Locker will not book any additional catering events going forward but will continue to book event at the Edgewood Locker Event Center.

The release said they will not cancel any events already booked, including any events scheduled to take place before Jan. 1, 2021. The release went on to say that any events scheduled after Jan. 1, 2021 will have deposits refunded and that customers will need to choose another caterer.

The locker’s special event menu will continue to offer meat options for special events that can be picked up at the Edgewood Locker.

The change to the catering and event center portion of the business will not result in a reduction of workers. The release states that “all employees that are employed in catering of the event center will be offered opportunities in our core business. Once our expanded facility is built, we look to add at least 12 full-time employees which will bring our total number of full-time employees to over 65.”

The release thanked the hundreds of employees who have worked in the catering and event center areas over the years, along with the customers who have supported the catering and event center business.

It concluded, “We look forward to serving you in the future with our custom processing services and meat products.”