The City of Farley is asking for the community’s help to complete a longstanding project and breathe new life into a park that has been part of the community for 50 years.

“Our $1.75 million project to improve the Farley Park has fallen short,” the project’s GoFundMe page reads. “We are fortunate enough to have had some very generous private donors and several grants that has provided $1.5 Million in donations, however, to complete this project we need $225,000 more.”

As of May 7, the effort has raised $600.

This project was started as a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Farley Park and the recognition of the founders of the park. Aspects of the project address some of the issues the park faces, including parking and the safety of fans walking to their cars.

“In addition to improving safety, the walking trails around the park will promote an avenue for safe, healthy activity that will connect with sidewalks throughout the community and eventually provide a safe connection to the Heritage Trail,” the page reads.

Other initiatives included in the $1.75 million Farley Park Renovation Legacy Project include a newly expanded circular driveway, a new 4,000 square foot water splash pad, new enclosed pavilion with restrooms, the renovation of the existing enclosed pavilion, 100 new paved parking stalls, new lighting throughout the park, new walking trails, new bathrooms, new sand volleyball pits, basketball, pickleball, and tennis courts, baseball field improvements and new stormwater control infrastructure.