Major League Baseball crowned first-time World Series champions, the Washington Nationals, Oct. 30. The Nationals defeated the Houston Astros in seven games, and a Western Dubuque alum was along for the ride, as he is an employee of the Washington organization.

Tom Davis graduated from WDHS in 1999 and is currently the director of entertainment for the team. His journey to his current position was full of many turns.

Following high school, he started his college career at Loras College as a communications and broadcasting major. Two years later he transferred to Middle Tennessee State University, where he picked up classes for a music business management degree. He eventually graduated from Iowa State University in 2005, with degrees in mass communications and journalism with an emphasis on entertainment public relations.

“This was not even close to what I wanted to do when I was growing up,” Davis said. “To be honest, I actually wanted to be a marine biologist and study sharks. So, yeah, this is basically the complete opposite.”

He added that he didn’t even know that his current position was a career possibility until he started with the organization in 2005.

“I originally moved to D.C. to be a member of the NatPack,” Davis said. “That was our in-game entertainment team.”

He started to ask if he could come in during the day to help. That led to him being introduced to the public relations department, and eventually becoming an intern with that group. A couple of years later, an entertainment coordinator position was created.

“I applied and after going through the interview process, I was hired in February 2007,” Davis said. “Since then, I have continued to work my way up through the organization into my current position as director of entertainment.”

Once the final out was recorded for the Nationals in the World Series, the celebration kicked off in Washington, D.C. The streets were flooded with joyous fans, but Davis had to get to work in preparation for the World Series parade.

“My team and I were very involved in supporting several aspects of it,” he said. “From the parade itself to getting motorcade drivers, the NatPack and ballgirls. I also assisted as one of the stage managers.”

Even though Davis was working, he still was able to take in a few things throughout the season.

“Seeing the support of the D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas has been incredible,” he said. “I think it’s really great to see how well our fans represent. It was always so loud during the playoffs.”