A recent spate of resignations has left Farley city leaders scrambling to fill several key city positions.

City Council members recently accepted the resignations of City Clerk Ashley Jasper and Public Works Superintendent Joseph Hollenback. This comes on the heels of the August resignation of Police Chief Molly Dupont.

Dupont has not yet been replaced.

Jasper was hired as city clerk in 2014.

She said she will continue to serve as city clerk until March 31, though she will depart sooner if a replacement is hired.

“I agreed to help them until their budget is due,” Jasper said.

Hollenback’s departure is more immediate. Mayor Jeff Simon said the former public works superintendent resigned over a dispute with his pay.

Simon said the city has hired an assistant public works superintendent, who is about to obtain certification allowing him to manage the city’s wastewater treatment facility.

As a result of having the certification, council members agreed to pay the assistant superintendent $28.50 per hour.

Simon said Hollenback, who was paid $24 per hour, requested a pay raise to be equal with the assistant public works superintendent.

While council members were open to raising Hollenback’s pay, the city official resigned before the matter could be deliberated, Simon said.

“He did not have the same certification,” Simon said. “We were willing to give Joe a raise, but he resigned before we could discuss it.”

The two departures add to the workload of the City Council, which still is trying to find a new police chief.

Simon said four applications were submitted for the police chief position, but council members agreed to delay making an offer until Oct. 28 in an attempt to draw more applicants.

“We are still waiting to see if there are any more candidates that will submit something to us,” Simon said. “We hope to make a decision by the end of the month.”

Simon said council members hope to fill the city clerk position in the next few months, but a timeline for filling the public works superintendent position has not been determined.

Simon said the quick succession of resignations from city employees was disappointing, but he expects to find qualified replacements soon.

“We’re definitely losing some experience,” Simon said. “We hope to hire good people that will fill their place.”