Holly Doyle, holding son Owen, and Jim Doyle, holding son Jack, are excited to be in the restaurant business serving up craft food and microbrews to Dyersville.

Ten-year-old Groovy Grounds has new owners who want customers to know that “the coffee will remain the same,” as will other menu items, but plans are in the works to add more.

The coffee question has been big, as news first leaked that Annie Reitzler and Mary Rekemeyer had a possible buyer for their 10-year-old coffee shop.

New owners, husband and wife Holly and Jim Doyle, plan to stick with the “Groovy” coffee tradition, but say they will be adding more craft foods and microbrews. They have already added a lunch special of Jim’s passion, smoked meats. The aroma saturates the restaurant for as long as 20 hours while the meat cooks, according to the Doyles.

“We did a smoked applewood pulled-pork special with broccoli slaw this week,” said Holly. She took meat samples around town to introduce the item. “There was nothing left of it,” she said.

The Doyles moved to Dyersville last December from Cedar Rapids. Jim worked at Dupaco Community Credit Union, and he and Holly wanted to live closer to their families. He is now the branch manager for the Dyersville Dupaco.

Holly is a registered nurse and worked in the emergency room at Virginia Gay Hospital in Vinton. She now works full-time at Brew & Brew and will work a few days a month as substitute school nurse in the Clayton Ridge School District. Holly will continue to teach fitness classes at Dyersville’s Total Fitness Recreational Center.

At a Brush and Bottle event at Groovy Grounds last February, Holly said she instantly became friends with Reitzler, who informed her that the coffee shop was for sale. She and Jim had talked about having a restaurant for some time, and they decided to buy the business and the building on a whim, said Jim.

Holly liked the idea of giving up the hectic schedule of a trauma nurse to run the restaurant during hours that coordinated better with Jim’s and those of their two sons, Owen, 3, and Jack, 5.

Sept. 8, the Dyersville City Council will consider the business’s alcohol license, and they will be adding three TVs. They plan to expand their hours to accommodate games, especially for football season.

Jim said, for now, they want to maintain customers’ routines. “But that might not be our main focus in a year,” he said. The couple would like to expand into the evening hours to serve made-from-scratch, gourmet meals.

“Most distributors want to sell you something out of a box, and that’s not how I cook,” said Jim.

Holly, formerly Holly Sutton, said that her whole family attended Beckman and that she feels like she has come back home. Cousins have come to the restaurant recently to help. Holly said she likes the idea of bringing “the family feel” to the restaurant and is happy to be a part of the Dyersville community, where many businesses are family-owned.

Next Saturday afternoon, Brew & Brew will be open for the Iowa-Iowa State football game. They will also open for Sunday football games coming up. Brew & Brew’s hours of operation are 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday, with Thursdays until 8 p.m.

Holly said plans include staying open late on Fridays and having Sunday hours. The Doyles also plan to hire local bands and host tailgate parties.