‘Imagine 2030’ begins selection process

Dyersville’s Imagine 2030 Idea Selection Committee is set to begin narrowing down 437 ideas submitted by community members during February and March. Once 30 ideas remain, the public will vote for their top five ideas in April/May.

Imagine 2030 is a follow-up to Imagine 2020, which began in 2008. Since then, four of the five projects selected have been completed (US 20 overpass, Social Center, bridge connecting West Side Park to Candy Cane Park, walking/bike trails), with the exception being an Alzheimer unit.

The volunteer 10-member committee consists of Tara Rahe, Janie Ament, Sandi Feldmann, Carol Ruden, Michael Clasen, Ted Boffeli, Mark Singsank, Nicole Rubner, Jarred Hentges and Bethany Steffen.

“This is a dedicated group of individuals that is working for the betterment of the area,” said Karla Thompson of the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce. “They are all very passionate about the future of the community and want to see the growth and potential continue.”