Dyersville’s James Kennedy Public Library is hosting its annual Love My Library Giving Tree Fundraiser during the months of January and February, with donations earmarked for improving the collection and services the library is able to offer the community.

The library staff has identified books or other materials, furnishings, programs, supplies and more needed by the library.

“This is our eighth or ninth year of doing this,” said Library Director Shirley Vonderhaar. “We always do it in January and February through Valentine’s Day. That’s where we came up with the Love My Library idea. We say we run it in January and February, but we’ll accept donations any time.”

Enhancing the library’s collection and programs is a collaborative effort between the Kennedy staff and the community.

“Our library staff will put together a wish list they would like to add to the collection. It could be items, it could be services, it could be programs. We put those out there for the community to sponsor,” Vonderhaar explained. “For example, something like our Halloween party would be sponsored by a business. Or it could be a Santa visit or a summer reading party. Maybe someone would donate a specific book, or if somebody likes large print, they might donate a large print book.”

Big or small, every donation is appreciated.

“The value could range from five dollars up to where we had someone sponsor our ancestry database last year, which was $1,300,” Vonderhaar said. “The range is there and whatever someone feels comfortable doing, they can specify, or they can just make a donation. Our staff and board will put it to the best use and the highest need.”

Adapting to the pandemic required some adjustment from the library staff, but things are running smoothly heading into 2022.

“During the height of the pandemic when things were closed down, we were closed down as well. We had curbside service, and that was a very different kind of service than when people come in and browse for things. To a certain extent people are using more electronics as well,” said Vonderhaar. “Now we’re back to offering programming with certain restrictions and we’re doing a lot of things hybrid. It takes a different level of staffing and timing and that takes support.”

Contributions can be made in-person, over the phone or online.

“If people are comfortable coming into the library, it’s the easiest way, because we would have the list available for them to look through,” Vonderhaar said. “Or, they might have an idea of something they would like the library to do and they could fund it. We have done some really cool things that way.

“It’s how we started our Lego program. There are some really cool partnerships that could come out of that.”

Those wishing to contribute will find items listed on the bulletin board at the library’s entrance. A complete list can be viewed at the circulation desk or on the library’s webpage (www.dyersville.lib.ia.us).