LaSalle Catholic Elementary Principal Brenda Lansing shares a moment with second-grade students Paisley Ploessl, left, and Cooper Domeyer, Aug. 26, in Holy Cross.

When speaking with Brenda Lansing, you’ll immediately be impressed by her enthusiasm, commitment to education and passion for working with children.

Those characteristics will serve Lansing well in her role as principal at LaSalle Catholic Elementary, in Holy Cross, where she takes over for Susan Hucker, who is now at Sacred Heart School, in Monticello.

Lansing brings a wealth of experience to LaSalle, with 20 years in the administrative field. Raised and educated in the small town of Condee, S.D. Lansing’s collegiate years were spent at Northern State University, in Aberdeen, leading to a teaching position in Ipswich, just a few miles down the road.

She pursued her Masters’s Degree at NSU while at Ipswich, and after completion of the program, took her first administrative job at Bishop Heelan Schools, in Sioux City, where she was Pre-K through eighth-grade principal from 2001-14.

In 2014, Lansing moved to New Hampton, where she spent seven years as principal of a building housing three-year-old preschoolers through fourth grade.

Now it’s on to a new challenge, and Lansing is excited to work with the students, families and staff at LaSalle.

“I was in the Catholic schools in Sioux City for 14 years, and it’s definitely more of a mission. When you’re called to do something like that, it’s fun every day to profess our faith,” said Lansing. “We have great staff here. They are just die-hard workers. I couldn’t ask for a better teaching staff.”

That veteran staff has made Lansing’s transition a smooth one.

“On day one, when I hit ground July 1, they were in with me cleaning out the building and putting in hours upon hours when they didn’t have to,” Lansing said. “They were right with me helping me and learning the system. They were right along with me and have a good thing going here.”

Increased enrollment numbers point to great things continuing at LaSalle, and Lansing hopes to spread awareness of LaSalle’s quality programs moving forward.

“Last year we had 48 students and we’re at 63 to start this year. We have three-year-olds through sixth grade,” explained Lansing. “We have a good thing going, and the biggest thing is just to get the word out about what is happening here.

“You don’t have to be Catholic to attend a Catholic school. We have a great building and a great staff that are dedicated to the kids. One of our goals is to continue to increase enrollment. The staff is willing to put in the work and go above and beyond for the families.”

Lansing looks forward to building relationships in the Holy Cross and LaSalle communities.

“The big thing is just getting to know the families on a personal level,” she said. “It’s one of the benefits of a small school like this.”