Following a lengthy fundraising campaign driven by the Dyersville Commercial Club in early 2018, the aging lights illuminating Jenk Field are slated to be replaced, and as motorists have likely observed, the lights and poles arrived in Dyersville over the weekend.

Dave Nebel, president of the area non-profit, said with the donations they received, the replacement lights were recently purchased and they will begin the installation process hopefully within a month.

“We want to extend a big thank you to everyone who donated to the capital campaign — we couldn’t have pulled this off without your help,” Nebel said. “This was a big undertaking for a non-profit.”

The 30-plus-year-old lights currently being used at the field have experienced a variety of issues in the past, including shortages during games. In addition, the wiring and 60-plus-year-old wood poles were becoming a significant public safety hazard.

Proprietors at the Commercial Club were worried that should the issues not be addressed, it could eventually have impacted the park’s ability to host night games in the future, something that likely would have had a negative impact on the local economy.

The Musco lights, which originate from a company headquartered in Oskaloosa, are the same brand of lights that were recently installed at Worthington’s ball diamond.

Even though the lights have arrived, Nebel said there isn’t a fixed date for when they will be installed, but he is anticipating it will be sometime after the last baseball game in the first week of August.