Veterinarian Robin Mundt shows her new facility.

The City of Peosta and the surrounding area are rapidly expanding, and when a community grows, the needs of its pet population grow along with it.

Dr. Robin Mundt recently opened Dubuque County Veterinary Services, located at 8554 Knapp Drive Suite B in Peosta, and is excited to be a part of the community.

“Our official opening date was Jan. 1,” said Mundt. “We have about 2,200 square feet with the back, and we have two nice big exam rooms, which is nice for the dogs. We’re still remodeling the back, but everything else is pretty usable. We love the space.”

After working for others since her graduation from Iowa State, Mundt decided now is the time to strike out on her own, and has one full-time employee and a pair of part-time veterinary techs.

“I’ve been working for another vet since 2007 after I graduated from Iowa State. It was time to leave, so here we are,” said Mundt. “It made sense to locate in Peosta. I live about 15 minutes north of here and this is a growing area. There was nobody doing this here for 12 miles in any direction, so there was a need.”

Mundt is an advocate for animal well-being and has made a commitment to assist in the care of animals in need around the Dubuque and Delaware County area. Mundy works with rescue animals frequently, and partners with an area organization to provide discounted services.

“Today is just a rescue day with a lot of spays and neuters,” said Mundt recently. “We work with Heroes Haven. They’re a foster-type rescue out of Manchester and they were just looking for someone to work with them and help out a little bit.”

Mundt partners with area law enforcement in caring for canine officers.

“We work with the Dubuque Police Department and the Dubuque County Sheriff as well,” she said. “We offer care to their working dogs.”

Mundt and her team are readily available to accommodate pet owners, providing a variety of services to clients.

“We do pretty much all of the primary care for dogs and cats and we see some exotics, like guinea pigs, rabbits and ferrets. I do have some background in that,” Mundt said. “We have a full surgery unit, a full laboratory and an x-ray. We don’t have our dental x-ray yet — it’s still in Chicago. We’re pretty much a full-service facility.”