At the end of every school year, the senior class has traditionally had a valedictorian. This has gone to the student at the top of their class grade-wise over their four years of high school.

Troy Osterhaus, principal of Maquoketa Valley High School, discussed the possibility of eliminating the award at the district’s school board meeting Sept. 21.

“I do not know if it is best for our students because they can see it as a competition and use different ways to get to the top of their class,” Osterhaus said.

He added that the way the year was cut short last March affected some outcomes on student’s grades. Board members added that it would be eliminating the competition aspect of school.

“We would still recognize a group of students at graduation that excelled throughout high school,” board president Donna Kunde said. “I personally do not have a problem with getting rid of it.”

No final decision was made.

A few updates were provided on how the start of the year was going as well.

“It feels like it is going slower without the extra things going on,” elementary principal Brenda Becker said, “but it has been going well.”

Osterhaus added that the fall musical has been moved to the spring.

The free meal program will be continuing through the fall semester thanks to more funding. If students choose, they can receive a free breakfast and lunch daily. However, money that is already in a student’s meal account will stay there until the funding runs out. The funding is expected to last through the end of December.

One final topic discussed was the possibility of holding youth tournaments this fall.

“How can we make it a little more manageable,” Superintendent Dave Hoeger said. “It is easy to say no to everything, but we are trying to find ways to do some stuff.”

Options like smaller scale tournaments, only parents of the kids allowed in to watch and round-robin format were discussed.

In other business:

• The board approved of the fundraising report and lease agreement for Head Start.

• Board members discussed the upcoming district audit with Business Manager Erika Imler.