On May 17, the Maquoketa Valley School Board heard middle and high school Principal Troy Osterhaus’ plans of transitioning the National Honor Society to a service organization. Currently, the Society has four pillars of character, leadership, and service, with the last pillar being academic GPA. Osterhaus proposed removing the academic requirements, as there is already another program in place to recognize the top academic students in the school. This would open it up to every kid in the high school and encourage leadership, character and developing employability skills.

“One thing that would be more important on an application is what we’re proposing here, which is that students could do so many hours of volunteer service and earn chords for graduation. We’re looking at 75 hours a year, and the goal would be to have students give back to the community, volunteer their time and talents, and be leaders in organizing groups. It would have an increased number of scholarship applications and would require applicants to list their services and experiences.”

The plans were approved.

In other business:

• The school board approved all new open enrollment requests and personal recommendations placed before them in the meeting.

• The board approved a motion to purchase a new Hoglund gas bus for $98,499.