Tracie and Dave Pettera opened their family entertainment center, Round Two, in Peosta Dec. 12.

One can’t help being impressed when you walk into Round Two, Peosta’s new family entertainment center.

You’ll notice the shiny new arcade, 12 lanes of bowling and a spacious restaurant and bar area.

Owners Dave and Tracie Pettera officially opened for business Dec. 12 and, so far, the response from the community and area residents has been outstanding.

“We already have people driving in here from Dyersville, Dubuque and Southwest Wisconsin,” said Dave Pettera. “I really believe this location was destined to have this place.”

After the Petteras’ bowling center and restaurant in Cascade was destroyed by fire in August 2019, the couple weighed their options moving forward.

“Our heart was in Cascade because we’d been in the community for so long,” said Dave. “But we also knew that from a business standpoint, we had to consider a new location.”

That led to looking into the growing Peosta and west end of Dubuque area.

“We did several studies with Greater Dubuque Development and the companies we were pricing equipment from. We came to the realization that if we were to rebuild in Cascade — which in our heart was what we wanted to do — there were only 15,000 people within 20 minutes,” Pettera said. “They pushed us to the west end of Dubuque because there wasn’t anything like this in that area. There are 59,000 people within 20 minutes of the city of Peosta.

“We’re still only 15 minutes from Cascade. We didn’t move this to a different continent. We still want to facilitate our long-term customers we’ve had in Cascade over the years.”

Round Two offers an entertainment venue unlike anything else in Dubuque County and the Tri-State area.

“We have 17,500 square feet with 12 lanes of bowling we can split off so we have a four-lane party room. The ability to separate is not something usually seen,” said Pettera. “The capability of holding corporate or family parties and separating the group from others is very unique. We have two overhead doors and basically a barn door we slide to isolate that area.”

Add in some new technology in the bowling part of the business and there is something for players of all abilities, including HyperBowling, a blend of software, electronics, lights and sensors that takes bowling to the next level.

“We have all new AMF equipment, and up to 30 or 40 games people can play within the system, including the first-ever HyperBowling system in the state of Iowa,” said Pettera. “HyperBowling is a different style of bowling. You just have to see it. It’s hard to explain without seeing it.”

There’s something for everybody at Round Two and Pettera wants everyone to know there is much more than bowling available.

“The best description of what we are is a family entertainment center. Bowling is just one part of this,” he said. “We have a 50-foot bar, an arcade and a large outdoor patio. We have a lot of different venues in one building. We’ll offer at least two sand volleyball courts this spring.”

Gamers will appreciate the offerings in Round Two’s arcade.

“We have over 26 new games in our Arcade,” Pettera said. “The games function with a game card, like an ATM card, but it also saves the ticket points for prizes.”

Anyone looking for a casual night on the town will like the bar and restaurant area. The Petteras’ food offerings will be familiar to fans of Dubuque’s iconic Shot Tower Inn.

“We bought Shot Tower’s first franchise. Everything we serve will be made here, but this is another Shot Tower location that we own,” said Pettera. “We have 12 different beers on tap, and our spigot is at 28 degrees.”

The Petteras and their children, Taylor, Isaac, Alyssa and David, are excited about everything Round Two has to offer the community. Dave and Tracie plan on the younger members of the family to taking the business down the road.

“This is not just bowling,” said Pettera. “This is a family entertainment center. With the light show and the different things we have added to our package, this is a first in Iowa.”