Mecalle Wainwright serves up one of the drinks offered at nuYOU.

Healthy, nutritious drinks are on tap at a new Dyersville business that opened Sept. 12.

nuYOU, located at 248 1st Ave. East, Suite B, serves healthy replacement shakes and metabolism-boosting teas. Owner Mecalle Wainwright believes Dyersville is a great place for her business.

“A lot of people in Dyersville are health conscious. When we came out here, we noticed a lot of walkers. I think this is a great place to help people start getting healthier.”

Drinks made at nuYOU may be used as either replacement drinks or supplement drinks, according to Wainwright.

“The shakes are meal replacements. I recommend if someone is trying to lose weight to have a shake in the morning, another one for lunch and then a colorful plate for dinner, such as chicken breast and vegetables.”

Wainwright knows she may have customers come in who are new to replacement and supplement drinks. She said she will ask new customers about their health goals.

“I will first ask their background, what they want to do. Are they looking to lose weight, gain weight, bulk up on muscle or just get healthier? Once I know I will explain the shakes and flavors to try.”

She said nuYOU offers a three-day trial pack for customers to try.

Wainwright believes the COVID-19 pandemic has made people more health-conscious, saying that, “A lot of people have been refocusing on their health. They have been staying at home all the time and not necessarily watching what they are eating.”

nuYOU offers a loyalty card program for returning customers which gives them a free drink after using a 10-punch card.

Wainwright is happy to be in Dyersville. “I really like it here. It’s busy and I can’t ask for a better place. Everyone has been very kind and welcoming. I’m excited to be here.”

nuYOU is open Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Saturday 6 a.m. to noon.