A new office for one of the nation’s largest insurance brokers has quickly become one of the area’s most sought-after places to work.

Cottingham & Butler, who just recently held a ribbon-cutting at its new location in Dyersville, had so much interest in a recent help-wanted posting that they had to take it down.

“It was crazy — we did a Facebook post with a 10-second video and put it out to our network and I think we had something like 100 resumes come through in the first few days,” Mark Roling, senior vice president in the transportation group at Cottingham & Butler, recalled.

The sheer amount of interest in the posting was one of the many reasons Cottingham & Butler chose to move to Dyersville.

“We’re expanding pretty rapidly and are looking to attract more employees,” Roling said. “So we thought it was a good opportunity to open up a place where our current employees could take advantage of a shorter commute as well as opening up a new avenue for inspiring new employees who might not have considered working for us in the past.”

Jacque Rahe, executive director of the Dyersville Economic Development Corporation, said Cottingham & Butler has been thrilled with the quality of applicants they’ve received so far.

Rahe said the move is a perfect way to expand the shores of their potential labor pool.

“It was a way to tap into another potential workforce from the surrounding area that may not want to drive into Dubuque every day,” Rahe said.

Roling said they currently have nine employees in Dyersville but will be up to 15 once several employees finish their training in Dubuque. By the end of 2020, Roling expects that number will double.

“It’s a great location, we’re looking forward to being part of this community and the facility is excellent — well done to everyone involved,” Roling said. “We’re excited to get settled in and continue to grow and employ some more great people from the area.”

The move to the new office space, which will house Cottingham & Butler’s transportation unit, is a great sign, Rahe said, and hopefully, serve as a stepping-stone to help Dyersville achieve one of its top priorities — attracting more young families.

Rahe said every community in the area is working diligently to draw in and keep young families, and these types of jobs are helping set Dyersville apart.

“I’m happy we’re seeing that trend,” Rahe said. “Some people are looking for a smaller community to raise a family in and I think we kind of fit that bill.”

Located just off US 20, the 10,000-square-foot Hall of Fame Professional Building will also be home to Regional Medical Center, who announced its move to Dyersville earlier this summer. The building’s owners, Hall of Fame, LLC, also have no complaints about the new facility, because as Rahe said, the entire place was essentially rented out before it was even built.

“I think that’s a great sign and says a lot about Dyersville and the growth potential that we have,” Rahe said. “With Spireon’s move downtown next year and the fact that we are seeing more of these professional jobs locating here, I do believe this is a very positive trend.”