Men in the Dyersville area are going to be dressing better and looking sharper as Haberdash Outfitters Co. recently opened in Dyersville. Jennifer Recker, owner of J&R Fashions Boutique, has expanded her horizons and brought a sense of fashion to the menswear world as well as the women’s.

Recker, of New Vienna, has envisioned this opportunity for a while but did not think opening this soon would be a possibility.

“My goal was to open a men’s clothing store by the end of 2021,” Recker said, “so this is something I have been researching and wanting to do for some time. The owner of the building, Jon Scherbring, contacted me about the space knowing that I wanted to open a men’s store at some point.”

Many factors led to this decision. After considering her options, she elected to start Haberdash Outfitters Co. right down the road from J&R Fashions Boutique.

“I decided to dive into opening the business earlier than expected because the space was available and I took advantage of the opportunity to open it downtown as I wanted. The opportunity and space was there so we decided to go for it,” Recker said.

This will be a challenge bringing a new market to the area. She views it as another opportunity for her to expand on as well as meeting new clients.

This year has been a difficult year for many businesses — limited clientele means less money coming in.

“I was a little concerned about opening a new store during a pandemic,” Recker said, “but I knew this was something lacking for some time in the Dyersville community, and I could not let that hold me back.”

Recker claims that this is a store for both men and women.

“Haberdash Outfitters is a store where men and women can feel comfortable shopping for quality affordable clothing, shoes and accessories,” Recker said.

Haberdash Outfitters is located at 109 First Ave. West in Dyersville and can be found on Facebook.