Red Basket Projects are spread all across Dubuque and now Dyersville. These crates contain feminine items that are necessities for everyday life.

Water, food and air are necessities in everyday life. Other things are often not thought of as necessities but are. The Red Basket Project is a donation driven, volunteer project that allows women to have access to feminine products free of charge. Times are tight for some families, and this helps ease the situation.

The Red Basket Project was founded in 2016 and just celebrated its fourth anniversary this summer. The founders believe that this issue is a basic human right, and their goal is to help women who have nowhere else to go for feminine products.

“So many families are struggling financially,” Beth Gilbreath, president and cofounder of the Red Box Project, said, “and they have to make the decision of food or feminine necessities. This is a significant health concern, and people need to realize this struggle. It is here.”

Each package has a one to two month supply of necessities. The boxes are distributed to many different places, now including the Dyersville food pantry. These individual packages are called “period packs” and they consist of feminine products like tampons and pads. They have enough supplies to last two cycles.

“People like helping and the majority of others would be shocked to know how many products we have handed out over the last four years,” Gilbreath said.

In total, 25,700 period packs, roughly 205,000 tampons and 154,000 pads have been distributed since this project started.

One situation this helps is the absence of products in ladies restrooms.

“We became aware and it was impossible for us to look away,” Gilbreath said.

Everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of this project. It is for anyone who needs assistance if they are going through tough times. The Red Basket Project wants to help people feel comfortable with this issue.

Organizers are always accepting donations. Tampons, individually wrapped maxi thin pads, sanitary wipes, chocolate and cosmetic bags are all items they look for. If interested, items can be dropped at any of their drop off locations listed on their website https://redbasketproject.com/.

Monetary donations can be mailed to Beth Gilbreath at 600 Star Brewery Drive, Suite 300, Dubuque, Iowa 52001.