Rose Garden, a new Senior Living facility in Dyersville, is nearing completion, with the 41-unit complex expected to be move-in ready Monday, March 1.

Three apartment styles are available for future tenants over the age of 55 looking to downsize or relocate to the Dyersville area.

Two-bedroom, two-bathroom units have approximately 1,200 square feet and rent for $1,385 monthly, two-bedroom, one-bathroom units measuring approximately 1,080 square feet are listed at $1,285, with one bedroom, one bath units renting for $1,185 and measuring 800 square feet.

Dyersville Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Jacque Rahe said the addition of the Rose Garden will be beneficial to the Dyersville housing market.

“With people wanting to move into a living center like this, it opens up homes for new people looking to purchase a home potentially in the under $200,000 range,” Rahe said. “We do have quite a few new apartments and condo opportunities opening up in Dyersville right now, so I think we’re going to see more homes on the market especially from the opening of the Rose Garden Center.”

Hot water heat, water, trash, sewer and garbage are included, with each resident responsible for electricity. Wireless internet is provided along with a television package of 40 channels. Appliances — refrigerator, stove/oven, dishwasher and garbage disposal — are included with each unit. One heated parking garage space is reserved for each apartment.

Interest in the development has been strong, according to Rose Garden Office Manager Elizabeth Sheets.

“We’ve had a lot of interest so far and have done a lot of showings,” Sheets said. “The response from people has been very positive. All of the units are very bright with a lot of sunlight coming in and are spacious with a nice kitchen and bar area. ”

A 1,500 square feet community room with a kitchen is available for gatherings, and an on-site beauty salon is located on the first floor. A laundry room and a fitness center are located on the upper level of the facility.

“Everyone has liked that everything is included,” Sheets said. “If you want to host something in the community room, like a family Christmas, you can reserve the room free of charge. If you want to use the fitness room it’s free of charge.”

The development will have an activities director, and Sheets looks for a lively social scene at Rose Garden.

“I think people will enjoy knowing their neighbors,” she said. “We’ll have potlucks and movie nights or have someone playing guitar in the community room so people can get together.”

Rahe says the Rose Garden facility fills a need in the community.

“There is definitely a need for our more mature population to downsize into a place where they don’t have the maintenance, and if COVID has taught us anything, we’ve learned how difficult it is for people to be isolated from others for a long period of time,” said Rahe. “This type of living environment lends itself well to a population that may not be able to jump in the car and go somewhere or doesn’t have a lot of family in the area to get together with. This provides that socialization.”

“One of the real positive things the company that runs the Rose Garden is doing is providing social and entertainment opportunities on a regular basis.”