The Maquoketa Valley Individual Events Speech Teams completed their contest season Saturday, March 13 at MVHS. Both the 10-12 and the ninth grade teams performed very well.

The 10-12 team received 30 Division 1 ratings: Molly Anderegg, solo musical theatre and acting; Logan Johnson, radio news and spontaneous speaking; Preston Roling, radio news; Brock Trenkamp, radio news and after dinner speaking; Noah DeVore, improvisation and acting; Keziah Ambundo, improvisation; Paige Panosh, spontaneous speaking and acting; Liz McDowell, expository address and acting; Allie Dunn, expository address and public address; Madeline Gellersen, expository address; Andrew Kloser, storytelling and public address; Carissa Sabers, storytelling; Kylie Chesnut, storytelling; Ashtyn Porter, poetry; Kaela Clemen, poetry and original oratory; McKenna Thompson, public address and reviewing; Kendra Hillers, original oratory; Carlie Lewin, original oratory; Amaya Hunt, reviewing; and Amanda Mohr, reviewing. Division 2 ratings were obtained by: Erin Knipper, prose; Abbie Sheehy, prose; and Anna Deutmeyer, after dinner speaking.

Both of the events on the ninth grade team secured Division 1 ratings: George Livingston, spontaneous speaking and Josie Teymer, expository address.

All-State nominations will be announced Wednesday, March 24; however, an All-State Festival will not be held this year due to COVID-19.