Leah Krantz and Annie Gulick

Beckman Catholic High School welcomed three foreign exchange students this year. Ben Morlot returned from France for his senior year. As second semester started, two new faces appeared, Ella Yewon and Lucy Jang, hosted by the Wall family. The students at Beckman are happy to learn more about the three students and their reactions to learning in the United States.

Yewon and Jang quickly learned that classes are different than those in Korea, especially in the way classes rotate. Teachers in Korea move classrooms and students stay in the same room, while Beckman teachers stay in their rooms and students move to their next class. Yewon and Jang are excited to participate in extracurricular activities. They look forward to experiencing new opportunities while learning at Beckman.

Morlot, a senior, is hosted by the McDermott family. Initially, Morlot had a hard time adjusting, since he isn’t Catholic, and was uncomfortable wearing a uniform every day. This evaporated when he realized the positive and friendly environment of Beckman Catholic. Morlot stated the best part of school is the welcoming teachers and students, as they make the school feel like family.

Beckman Catholic is happy to welcome these foreign exchange students to experience all of the opportunities available.