Maria Dominguez

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular holiday that people across the world celebrate by dressing up in green, going to a parade or having fun with family and friends. However, many forget the real reason St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated.

St. Patrick’s Day originated in the 17th century as a religious holiday to commemorate the life of Saint Patrick. He is remembered for bringing Christianity to Ireland. His feast day is celebrated on the anniversary of his death. In the 18th century, Irish immigrants brought their traditions to the American colonies. The origin of St. Patrick’s Day is why the holiday is a symbol of Irish Heritage.

Looking closer to home, Beckman Catholic Theology teacher Mr. Jerry McGrane explained how his family celebrates. “We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by going to Mass at the Basilica and to the parade.” As a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (Irish men’s organization) Saint Patrick’s Day is a big celebration. McGrane continued by stating, “After the parade, the AOH hosts a party that we always attend. Sometimes friends from out of town come.” To end the evening, many like to enjoy traditional Irish meals like corned beef and cabbage. McGrane concluded by stating Saint Patrick’s Day is important to him as it helps remind him of “the ways my ancestors suffered for their Catholic faith, both in Ireland and here. By observing St. Patrick’s Day, I am remembering their faith and sacrifice.”

When celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year, remember why we celebrate. This holiday goes deeper than parades, parties and leprechauns. While some enjoy the fun festivities, many observe St. Patrick’s Day in remembrance of their faith and their ancestors’ sacrifices.