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After 28 years of service to the Western Dubuque school district, Linda Schroeder is excited for the adventures that await her in her retirement.

After 28 years of employment with the Western Dubuque Community School District, secretary Linda Schroeder is prepared for retirement.

As a secretary, Schroeder fulfilled the needs of staff and students at Drexler Middle School. She says working in the middle school provided enough favorite moments to fill a book.

Her favorite part of working at the middle school was “watching fifth graders arrive for their first day of school with uncertainty and trepidation, and then watching them blossom and walk out of the door four years later as eighth graders with that youthful confidence to conquer the world.”

Now that she is beginning her retirement, Schroeder says she doesn’t have many plans as of yet.

“I haven’t put a lot of thought into that, other than to realize that a new adventure awaits me.”

Schroeder would like to thank “each and every person that ever walked the halls of Drexler and shared a smile and giggle with me.”

Those who have worked with Schroeder throughout the years would also like to thank Schroeder for her dedication to the district.

“I can truly say that Linda possesses skills that can not be taught,” said school nurse Sheila Knapp. “Her ability to interact with and reach students is nothing short of amazing. She knows when to use humor, but also knows when to be serious. As a result of this, she was always deeply respected by students and staff alike. There is no job that Linda couldn’t tackle. You could approach her with any task, and if she didn’t know how to do it, she would research until she figured it out.”

Cindy Bell, a social studies teacher at the middle school, also had kind words to say. “Linda is one of the most open and understanding people here at Drexler. She and Kristin are the first impression people get when they come to Drexler and there is no other person that truly lives the ‘Better Everyday,’ our district motto, than Linda.”

“Every once in a while, you meet a person you instantly click with. Linda was definitely one of these people for me,” said Kristen Heiberger, a fellow secretary. “She’s been a friend, colleague and mentor and she will be missed. How lucky I am to have worked with someone who makes saying goodbye so hard.”